Love is love, period.

I’ve been lucky enough to do this amazing gig for nearly 20 years. It’s a huge privilege and I pour my heart and soul into every wedding I photograph. It's important to me that your images are beautiful and tell an honest story, nothing staged, just pure emotion. I document your day as it unfolds. For me, it’s not about a perfectly curated setting or deliberate poses, it’s about the real stuff, connection, joy and everything in between. It’s about you getting your photos back and saying, “holy crap, that is US!”

Shooting your wedding is a big deal!

Hi, I’m Tammy,

I pour my heart and soul into every wedding I photograph.

I believe the little things are the big things. Laughter until you can’t breathe is one of my favorite feelings ever. If I get to make your day, well then you just made mine. My friends are my family and I’ll go to the ends of the earth for them. An epic view with some killer light inspires me deep within my soul. Love is love, period. My person is the cutest thing on the planet, no contest. And lastly, just give me all the dogs already, all of them.

I’m a storyteller, friend maker, nature lover and traveler.

Who am I?

Mike & Joseph

Tammy deserves more. There are so many wonderful things to say about Tammy that I am not sure I will be able to cover them all. The Person - I don't think people realize how much time they spend with their photographer, the person is next to you from the time you start getting ready until that last amazing dance - so you better like spending time with this person. And to say that Tammy made me happy every single time I saw her smile is a huge understatement. She is positive and structured all with the ability to go with the flow and make adjustments and changes to match what is happening throughout the night. She is a pure joy!  The Product - We had a very specific ask. We wanted every picture to feel like they captured "the moment", to feel like we were seeing the day through the eyes of our guests and that we were seeing their expressions as the day unfolded. And she delivered.

"Why are there only 5 stars available? There needs to be more."

Christi & Angie

We were looking for someone who could capture our special moments, but even more importantly for us, someone who could capture the stunning beauty of the foggy Northern California coast. Tammy’s expert technical skills in portraits as well as her landscape photographer/artist’s eye captured exactly the kinds of images we were hoping for. It was also very important for us as camera-shy people to find someone we were comfortable with. Tammy’s warmth, kindness, easygoing nature, and great sense of humor put us at ease right away. She is incredibly intuitive and has perfected the art of knowing when to gently direct and engage with you, and when to seamlessly merge into the background. 

"Being referred to Tammy was one of those things that, in retrospect, you realize was kismet. "

Madison & Oscar

She is so kind and friendly and takes the most beautiful photos. Both my husband and I were really drawn to the fact that her photography has a more lifestyle and candid vibe to it, rather than being overly posed. We felt this was important and matched our vision for our big day when compared to other photographers that we were looking into for our wedding. Tammy took both our engagement photos and wedding photos, and we love them both so much because they are so representative of us and look so fun, relaxed, and natural while maintaining their professional quality and looking beautiful all at the same time!  I wish I could print and frame every single one because they are all so special to us.

"We have had the absolute best experience with Tammy! She was amazing from beginning to end!"

Vanessa & Katy

You have completely just made my day. Your talent is hard to put into words at the moment, because I'm so crazy excited about seeing these pictures... YAY. We have shared with friends, family, etc already and every single person has commented on the beauty of your work. You were so great to have on the day, and made us feel so relaxed and never took away from us being able to experience the day, moment by moment. You are solid.

THANK YOU from the depths of my heart for coming up and being a part of our Big Day. It means so much to us to have these moments captured to remind us of the incredible experience that was that weekend.

"Your talent is hard to put into words at the moment"

Drew & Jerry

I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job photographing our wedding and engagement session. Your work is absolutely beautiful and I could not imagine another photographer as fabulous as you. Thank you also for making us feel so special and at the same time, so normal. We are grateful to you and only hope one day other gay and lesbian couples can have the pleasure of your eyes and camera at their weddings.

"I could not imagine another photographer as fabulous as you."

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